We have considerable experience and theoretical background in corporate finance. Aside from classical IBR we also provide real option valuation of business, estimation of key risk factors, detailed analysis of the business, analysis of key competitors etc.

Independent business review (IBR)

With Independent business review (IBR) we provide an overview of the company’s financial position and main reasons for recent underperformance. By identifying potential challenges, we then form a structured plan for client’s needs which includes recommendations for the restructuring process.

Due diligence

Due diligence process helps our clients achieve the best value from a transaction. After the analysis of the target company, its main value drivers and risks associated with the structure of assets and liabilities, we provide reliable and accurate information, which are essential for the transaction process.


Using both net present value and real options approach we can accurately determine true value of new projects, assets or companies. In addition to analytical valuation we can also find domestically and internationally comparable examples and use appropriate multiplies to find the correct valuation.

Sensitivity analysis

With  sensitivity analysis we are tweaking one key input or driver in our financial model, with the purpose of finding out to what extent the model is sensitive to the changes in that specific variable.

Industry analysis

In today’s fast-changing markets, industry analysis is the essential tool for keeping or gaining competitive advantage. Therefore, we offer a detailed analysis of the business environment (economical, political, legal and social), analysis of key competitors, availability of substitutes and complements, size and potential of target markets, entry barriers etc. This serves as a foundation for SWOT analysis, which provides an in-depth understanding of the business with optimal solutions for our clients.